Happy New Year


Starting the New Year off right, I was able to go skiing at Broho near Puyallaup, WA on my new green RADAR Strada. Being at the lake all day, I could not stop thinking about the new ski season. After getting home and finally warming up, I started planning for the year, scheduling tournaments (see on the water), and making resolutions.

New Year’s Resolution for Water Skiing:

1. Ski once a Week till the season starts (March/April)

2. Practice the ski course 3-4x a week starting in April

3. Do more drills and Free Ski (till April)

Leaning DRILL: Ever since the 1st, I have been able to ski on Fridays at RADAR. There I have been working on the leaning drill. This drill helps the skier to maintain the correct position when behind the boat. It teaches the skier to gradually pull out, while at the same gradually fall into the correction position.

To check and see if the skier is in the correction position, the spray should be coming from under their front foot. This shows the weight is equal between both legs and it keeps the ski in the water allowing it to carve. When most of the weight is on the back foot the ski will come up out of the water and will act as a break. The key with this drill is to hold the correction position and FREEZE (hold the position).

Readers I would love your comments about this drill . . . any advice on my skiing and resolutions. Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR

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