TRX Skiers Twist

TRX Skiers Twist:

Starting Position: Skiers Stance

Movement/Muscles: This exercise will be focusing on your abductors (inner thighs), glute (outer hip), shoulder stability and abdominal. With keeping the body tense, the skier will rotate the hips and shoulders toward the anchor of the TRX. Using the core strength, the skier will rotate back to the starting position. Making sure this is done on the opposite side as well.

Key: Maintain same position. As the skier moves through this exercise it import to maintain the movement of the body as one, by keeping the shoulders and the hips in the same alignment. Avoid the hips moving then the shoulders or visa versa. The other factor is to keep the arms straight.

Benefits: As skiers we tend pull with our arm, this exercise will help the skier focus on maintaining straight arms. It will also train the body to start relying on the core and leg strength instead of upper body by pulling. Over all this exercise will help keep the body stability and balance on the ski when coming in and out of turns.

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