After a great time chilling with Jon Travers last weekend, I started to gear up for another busy workweek. Looking at the weather forecast, I was shock to see Seattle to be in the high 50’s. Right away I started planning on getting on the lake for a swerve (aka water skiing), and how I could work a ski set into my Friday schedule. Counting my lucky stars, I was able to go up to Radar after my morning shift for a ski set. Being the first one there I was able to sit and do nothing. Captivated by the beauty of the sun and blue ski, I realized how busy my life is and how important it is to make sure I hit the pause button and slow down. While I continued to wait for the other skiers to arrive, I was grateful for the time to finally relax. I was able to hit the pause button this week and I hope you are able to find yours.

2 thoughts on “PAUSE

  1. You have some great videos and pictures that are making me jealous… Though I prefer wakeboarding to water skiing, the thrill of breaking the ice, followed by an ice chest hot tub, awesomely ironic, haha, I can’t think of a better way to spend some free time…

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