Friends with Benefits

With it being V-day yesterday I thought that this was suitable for this week.  Enjoy

Friends with benefits can be interpreted in many different ways.  In regards to exercise or sports, this term is coined as “workout buddy” but I still consider it Friend with Benefits.

Growing up, I was always involved with many sports. The best “workout buddy” or what I consider friends with benefits where the guys.  Like any male, they are much faster and stronger. I would find myself playing one on one in basketball games against my guy friends, or racing against them in track.  Knowing how they had advantage with their physical ability, and being of a competitive nature, I was still determined to prove I was just as fast and strong as they were.

As I was adopted into the water ski family, the Anderson Family (see first splash), I was always competing with their son Tony.  Being the same age as Tony, I was irritated that I was not at the same level of a skier as him. Every time I was out on the water with them, I made sure I watched and learned. Then try to ski at their same level never wasting a minute. Tony and I would compete to see who had the bigger roaster tail and who had the deepest lean.  As a result working out at such a higher physical level, I found I was pushed to improve to this level, hence the benefit of skiing with Tony.

Water skiing in Maine during my summers off from college, present the perfect scenario to find another friend with benefits.  Working at an all boys’ camp, I had many choices to choose from, yet there was only one who was the best skier, Chris Curran.  Finding myself in the same situation as I did with Tony, I was determined to be just as good or better than Chris.  Spending three summers at Camp Skylemar, I could see the benefits of skiing with Chris as I advanced a little each summer.

Wanting to continue to improve, I wanted friends with more benefit (aka better skiers to learn from).  There was no other place in the world besides Coble Ski School in North Carolina, where I was able to create so many friends with tremendous benefits.  This time I was able to learn and compete with my own gender. It was so empower to be able to ski not only with April Coble, a professional skier, but to share a passion to improve as a skier with so many other women my own age.

This past season this was the one area I am lacking a “Friend with Benefit” in regard to water skiing.  However, with working with incredible team of personal trainers, I am always finding myself find a new Friend with Benefits.  We learn from each other and we push each other to the next limit.

No matter if it is a sport, activity or an exercise routine find your Friend with Benefits or be the Friend with Benefits.  Having some type of accountability and challenge will make you committee and progress.

Thank you to all my Friends with Benefits for always coaching and believing in me to make it to the next pass.  I know I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for Tony Anderson, Chris Curran and the women at Coble.  Thank you guys

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