Coming home from another long but good day of personal training (10 clients), I saw my April issue for the Water Ski Magazine.  At first I had to do a second take because, I did not realize that March is almost over! “Wait where did this month go?” I begin to think to myself then the thought popped into my head “I have not made a post this whole month, oopss” I guess I have a good reason why I haven’t made any post, I haven’t been skiing and here is the reason why.

As some of you know already, I have been dealing with some back pain off and on since Dec.  Well the pain has been consistent for to long and I finally went to a sport medicine Doc.  She thought that I had a bulging disk.  After having a MRI, it was confirmed I have a bulging disk at T11-T12.  Shocked and devastated that this could be cause of my pain, I was a little in denial about the whole thing.  But the pain was too great for me to forget.  After seeing Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and my Sport’s Medicine Doc, the pain has started to decrease, however not enough to ski . . . . at least not yet.  So instead of water skiing, I have been consistent with what I call my “small” exercise routine  with hope to get back out on the water soon.

If you have any recommendations of other Docs you think I should see in the Seattle area, or any questions on how to prevent this type of thing from happening post your thoughts.

Here are some images from the MRI:

As you can see near the end the disk are starting to dry up  and one is poking out toward the spinal cord, but there is no damage done to the cord.  The technical term is T11-T12 has mild posterior  and right paracentral disk protrusion.

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