Water Ski Family: The Boysens

After seeing physically therapy for a month, my lower back has improved, however the pain in my upper back (T4-T7) and chest has only gotten worse with the pain increasing while taking deep breaths.

Last week I started seeing a Chiropractor regarding my back, he predicts I may have fractured a rib.  With this being a possibility, the only way for it to properly heal is rest.  In my case this means no work, working as a personal trainer my body is in constant movement.  Even though I am not working-out with each client, I am demonstrating each exercise and grabbing weights for them use for their routine seven to ten times a day.

With the devastation of not working for a week and wanting to enjoy the warm weather in Seattle and knowing water skiing was out of the questions, I headed up to the Boysen house on Lake Stevens.

Enjoying the day with Linda and Ted all we could talk about was skiing, how to improve, equipment, and of course the Pros.  It made me think how amazing this ski community is.  I have only lived in Seattle for a year now and I have meet so many amazing people through this sport. I have only meet the Boysens twice both for ski events, and when I told them about my conditions they were so welcoming for me to come to just chill at they place and enjoy the view of the lake.   As we were preparing dinner, I asked if they could they be willing to be my “Ski parents” since my family is on the other side of the state (Spokane).  They replied with a huge hug and said come up whenever you need to.  Thank you Boysens for such a relaxing day.  I hope to be back soon but this time out on the water.

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