When you have horrible pain or have inflammation (swelling) the only answer is taking a refreshing ICE Bath.  Here are some keys when taking an ICE Bath.

To Start:

  1. Fill the tube with cold water
  2. Bowls of Ice ready by the tube
  3. Wearing sport bra and running short, slowly easy into the water
  4. Once in the tube, dump the ice.  Most importantly don’t MOVE
  5. Wait 15 min while thinking of some place warm
This has become part of my daily routine

Preparing to Get Warm  (Do these before the ice bath)

  1. Have some of your Favorite Summer Tunes Playing . . . . . my fav is Passion Pit and Foster the People
  2. Towel in Dryer 15 min while you are in the tub
  3. Hot water for tea . . . . .Green Tea
  4. Bed warmer on high (or electric blanket)
  5. Favorite sweats ready to change into also in the dryer

If all else fails . . . I go to Seattle Tanning for a 7-8 min Tan.

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