New Practice LAKE

The healing process has not been the cheapest thing.  With Doctor bills making a huge dent into my skiing money, I was in search of a new lake to ski the course that I could afford.  Bow Lake came to mind and after talking to them and seeing what they had to offer, I have been doing drop in sets there.  Working as a trainer, drop in’s works best for both the lake and my schedule.   Between my shifts, I head up to lake for a quick set then back to work for my evening shift. So far this has been working well.

July 6 2012

Since I have been back on the water I have only been free skiing, with going up to Bow Lake for the first time I knew it was time to ski the course.  Running buoys for the first time, felt amazing.  I only did back to back to play it safe, but will soon progress to the faster speeds.

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