Tournament Time

July 21-22: Quarter Buoy Classic

First Tournament of the season, I was a little nervous of how my body would react to the amount of skiing. The Quarter Buoy Classic (tournament name) was three rounds on Saturday and Sunday.  With the recent recovery from my back injury, I have learned (unfortunately the hard way) the importance of listening to my body and giving it what it needs.  Skiing the first two sets on Saturday surprising well, I decided to only ski twice both days.  While everyone else competed his or her third set, I made sure I did a little “R’nR” (Rest and Recovery) with my new Trigger point kit.  As a competitive athlete, this was one of the hardest things to do was not to compete.   But my body is still pain free and I am skiing getting ready for the next competition.

I want to thank everyone who was part of my healing process.  If it was not for these experts I know I would not be skiing this summer.  Thank you all for all your help encouragement, patients, and knowledge.  I have learned so much from everyone through this journey and I am able to see how I have been blessed in  more ways than just this crazy sport.  I cannot be more grateful for the support from my co-workers and their support with returning to work and water skiing. I also want to thank all my client for being so understanding, supportive with me healing and getting back on the water.  THANK YOU

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