Herb O’ Brien the True Pioneer in Water Skiing

Remembering Herb O’ Brien’s life today was a true celebration of the life he lived.  His passion for the sport and people was very evident with hundred’s of people coming today and sharing their stories. Herb O’ Brien is known for starting O’Brien Skis, HO Skis, and now Radar Skis and Ronix Wakeboard.  Playing a huge role in the water ski industry he did much more than create skis. He was a very generous man and never hesitated to help a friend. He was always creating opportunities for many people through his company.  Today his passion for people still lives, for coming and celebrating his life bracelets and T-shirts were given to all guests in memory of his generosity.

Being able to meet Herb O’ Brien this past year and having the privilege of skiing at his lake, I am grateful for the small glimpse into his life.  Hearing many stories about Herb, made me realize he was much more than a famous person in the water ski industry, he was visionary and he wanted people to be part of it.

He was a dreamer and wanted other to dream . . . So keep dreaming . . . Keep skiing . . . Keep believing.

Thank you Herb O’ Brien for the legacy you have given to so many people.

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