New Years 2013

2013 First Sunset
2013 First Sunset

It has been almost a full month since the New Year’s Eve, where many of us make resolutions in hopes for a better year than before. With all the thought put into these goals/resolutions, it is easy to forget.  Here are some tips I have found to help me continue to work towards my goals.

1. Tell as many people about your goals.  You will be surprised how many people will want to help.

It is such a refreshing feeling when you have a support system helping you toward your goals.

2.  Create self accountability, write your goals down with a timeline, having a specific time of the year you want to achieve these goals.

This will make you work daily toward your goals when you know there is only a certain amount of  time to achieve them.

3. Once written your goals down, copy them and place them everywhere. Seeing your goals multiply times throughout the day will help you to not forget. 

I like putting pictures of places I hope to compete on the background of my phone or desktop of my computer.  Seeing these places daily helps me stay motivated to continue to work hard.

Hope these tips help everyone with their New Year Resolutions.  Happy New Year from Seattle 

3. . .2. . .1. . . Happy New Year
3. . .2. . .1. . . Happy New Year

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