Contribute to Mom – Coble’s Ski School

This past weekend I was able to make a trip across the state to visit my family in my home town, Spokane WA.  Family has always been an important part to my life.  I was thrilled to go home to spend mothers day with my mom Elizabeth Willard.  My mom has always been there for me cheering me on with the various sports I competed in.

During college I had an opportunity to travel to Maine to instruct water skiing, nervous to leave Washington, it was my mom who encourage me to pack my ski and make the trip across the country.  My last summer there (2009) my mom was able to come to visit me for a couple of  days.  We made tons of memories and had great adventures together.  My mom has always been and still is my number one supporter to achieving my dreams.  She encourages me through many “pep talks” (as a coach to an athlete) helping me follow my dreams.    Thank you Mom for all your support and love.  I would not be where I am today without you and how you have raised me.

Through my mother’s encouragement to travel to Maine seven years ago, it opened a door for me to attend April Coble Ski school for the summer of 2010. Words cannot describe the level of fun I had there.  I learned a tremendous about skiing and life.  Being able to work side by side with April Coble was inspirational.  She is a professional athlete, a business women, a wife, and a mother.  Seeing how she balances her different roles, made me realize the importance balancing things you value in life.  Since then I have been able to return for a week during the summers to help April’s facility. This weekend I will be leaving to make another trip across the country to North Carolina to work and learn more from April.  April Coble- Eller

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