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Father's Day June 16th 2013
Father’s Day June 16th 2013

Water skiing is an adventurous sport and it has given me many thrills and excitements. This past month it has been crazy fun with traveling and lots of skiing. I had the opportunity to return to Coble Ski School in North Carolina and ski and coach for a week. This was my third time returning and it will always feel like I am returning home. Busy with skiing, coaching, driving, and catching up with old ski buddies, it was a difficult to leave (let alone to find time to blog about my week there). Once I returned, I didn’t lose the rhythm of the business of water skiing. First weekend back in Washington, I was on the road heading to Kories to help Micah Ping host a water ski clinic. Then I only had one week to prepare for my first competition. Focused on getting time on the water for practice, the excitement and nerves of the first tournament started to build.

Finding myself on the road again as I was getting closer to Baseline in George WA my nervous started to build,  but then the memories of this being my first tournament two summer ago came rushing to my head.  I remembered how welcoming the water ski community was to me and my nervous vanished. The water ski community is like another family to me and I was eager to reunite with my water ski family. One of the main reason why I love doing water ski competitions is the family support we  have for each other. We all want us to ski our best.

Not only was I excited for this tournament to be with my water ski family, but my entire family was able to come and watch me compete for the very first! Having my family there and being able to share my passion with them was the highlight of the weekend. With water skiing being such a family sport, I was so happy to finally be able to share it with mine. Through the support of the amazing water ski community and my loving family I was able ski a new tournament personal best.

Thank you Willard Family for all you have given me. I would not be the same without you so active in my life.


SUN BASIN June 16th 2013

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