Learning from the Pros

This past week has been a week of learning new skills and putting them to use.  It first started with a weekend workshop for Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  With learning more about my past injuries and the reason behind them, it has made me as a profession understand the importance of movement patterns and if these movement patterns are not functioning correctly it could cause injuries.  The FMS is a serious of seven different movement patterns evaluating the quality of the movement. As a personal trainer, part of my job is to help people move efficiently and correctly. I have already started applied this to some of my clients and myself and already starting to see improvements. FMS is a great certification for those in the health profession and highly recommend it.

After the three day weekend of learning my brain was already on information overload. Yet I was stoked  to continue to learn for the following Monday Wade Cox was coming to our lake!!!  I was beyond thrilled to ski with Wade. There were many things I learned from Wade to take my skiing to the next level. The best part of skiing with him was he remembered me from two summers ago when I was able to ski with him right before Nationals. Knowing my areas of weakness, I know I will be able to master these weakness into my strengths through hard work and dedication. Part of learning is having a better understanding on where the areas that need improvements.

There is always areas to learn or improve in through my career and my sport.  Another certification I am training for is the Level 1 Strong First Kettlebell certification (SFG)  in November in Vancouver BC. Part of this certification is to be able to do 100 snatched with a 16kg in 5 min.  My co-worker CJ Erickson, who is training for his level 2 SFG and who has coached me through my kettlebell training, video me doing a mock snatch test on July 4th (crazy way to celebrate the 4th of July). If you click to enlarge the pictures you will find the URL of the video.  I completed the test in 5:22.  I was hoping for my first time to do it under 5 min.  However, I now know what to expect and how to train better for it.  I will be doing another mock test in September, but till then I will be either ripping it up on the water or hitting it hard in the gym.

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