New Year 2014: One step at a time

It has been two full weeks of 2014 and I am still puzzled of what to post for the new year.  Reading other articles about tips for a successful new year , I was hoping for some type of inspiration. Yet as I start to think about all the goals I have for the new year I begin to feel this huge black cloud of anxiety start to follow me.  As I look back on the entire year of 2013 and everything accomplished this black cloud becomes darker and the pressure builds as I wonder of the unknown of 2014.

Last year was an amazing year and I have to admit I was not ready to let it go.  It was full of learning through incredible certifications, full of victory and defeat with water skiing, and full of meeting passionate people.  I was blessed to have so many opportunities throughout my career and water skiing.  The unknown can be scary or exciting and I am reminded you have the freedom to choose between the two.

Wanting 2014 to just as good or even better than 2013, I realize I only have the present moment.  It is the minutes, the days, the weeks, the months  and everything done in between that makes up a year. Hoping to accomplish many goals for 2014,  I am focused on my goals by dedicating each day as a stepping stone towards them.  With the simplistic approach of one day at a time, the dark cloud of anxiety vanishes,  I am able to have clarity and focus at the end goals.

Commit to 2014, commit to each day, commit to your goals.

How are you living 2014?

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Philippians 4:6

Leon Brown

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