Coming out of the Closet on CrossFit

Many have asked if I am straight, bi, and/or lesbian. This post is not to answer these types of questions. But I am coming out of the closest to set the record straight about my opinion about CrossFit.


When I first entered exercise as a professional, I was eager to become part of the CrossFit movement. Yet over a year of doing CrossFit style workouts my body became very broken. As a result of this, I was totally turned off from the Crossfit community. Like a high school student feels being benched the entire season, I felt I was the outcast for physically not being able to keep up with my teammates. Jealous I was not part of the team, I banded CrossFit. Then I find out the gym I am working at is opening a CrossFit “box.”


As CrossFit continues to grow, I have been challenged professionally about this growth. Like any type of exercise whether it be CrossFit, Zumba, Martial Arts etc, without the proper coaching there is always going the be the risk of injuries.


There is a lot contrast about if CrossFit is healthy or not. When the real question is how are the participants being coached. If you want to perfect a skill through Crossfitt, or kettlebells, it will take time and diligence. We can’t just jump into these classes knowing exactly how to do all the lifts and expect no injuries. It takes time and proper coaching. Even as a coach, I still seek coaching to perfect my kettlebell swings and the water skiing abilities.


I have the privilege to work with an amazing team of experts these past three years. They have challenge themselves to continue to expand their knowledge and coaching skills, while at the same time pushes each other to new physical limits. I have learned so much working with them both with coaching and reaching my personal physical goals.


With the new CrossFit Bel-Red opening up, I trust all the coaches will take the correct safety precautions. I know this team of CrossFit Coaches will make a huge difference in this community and will start changing the poor reputation CrossFit has to a safe and effect type of exercise. They have changed my opinion of it and I am excited to see the impact this “Box” will have through our community.


CrossFit has an amazing community, let this community grow to support all types of movement, exercise, and sports. Even though the high school student may not have the chance to play on the court they are still supporting their team by being there. We all can support one another. Not everyone can physically do CrossFit, more power to you if you can, I may be little jealous. Let us support our differences and remember the main goal: improving each other life through health and exercise.


CrossFitt may not be for everyone but movement is for everyone. Find something you enjoy and go “live with passion!”

I will leave you with one last comment. I am not a cross-fitter but I am open to learn from them. I am not bi and/or lesbian but open to dating not a boy but a man.

4 thoughts on “Coming out of the Closet on CrossFit

  1. YES! These are my feelings exactly. I’m in physical therapy school and hear a lot of negative CrossFit talk. CrossFit isn’t necessarily dangerous, but bad coaching definitely is!

    1. Thank you for your comment thepaleopupil! I there are great coaches out there that help keep CrossFit safe. Have fun with your training and good luck with PT school.

  2. Apologies as I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination in this arena but I am an avid consumer of things that get my body moving. Over 25 years of Martial Arts and resulting injuries has taught me quite a bit the hard way on how my body works, recovers, builds and can be torn down.

    The point that Anna made about “live with passion” is spot on. This coupled with the point of needing to ensure no matter what movement you are doing it is about improving your life and health is superb. I would add……….and without getting injured. Over the years I have enjoyed strength training, CrossFit, Martial Arts, Aerobics with the funky sweat band to accompany (back in the late 80’s of course) and likely anything else you can imagine.

    Some of the movements of CrossFit are more difficult on my body than I would like. That said, others like Squatting (same in CrossFit or strength training) I truly find help me achieve my goals no matter what they might be. While I often daydream of taking part in the CrossFit games the reality of being able to do many of the movements without resulting in weeks of bed rest comes crashing down.

    So thanks to Anna I learned that no matter how beat up, broken or injured you might find yourself training in a sincere way that isn’t harmful with your goals in mind (no matter what they might be…though I might suggest these days forgoing the sweatband at Aerobics classes) is really what is best for you.

    Thanks Anna for the great points on knowing your goals and going for it, not judging us old beat up war horses trying to rekindle the bodies we imagine we had ages ago, and overall providing a positive and healthy environment to improve ourselves.

    Oh yes, I too will come out of the closet, and admit my deep dark secret…I still might have that fuzzy 80’S sweatband that I keep hidden in the back of the closet just in case.

    1. Chad,

      Your comment made me laugh so much! Thank you for the humor but also thank you for the seeing the my concerns with CrossFit. You also point out the importance of understanding your goal and how to work towards it without injury or creating pain. Thanks for “coming out of the closet” with the great memory of the 80’s sweatband! Keep moving toward those goals and always live with passion. Thanks again Chad!

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