The Fresh Start


“New Year New You” or “This will be the Year” are very common sayings you will hear around this time of year. These sayings are filled with resolutions hoping from something better. Usually we tend to think we need to give up something for these resolutions to become real. Having this mindset of “giving up” is a negative thought even though it may be a good thing to give up it still rings negativity in our minds. With the negativity ringing as we ring in the New Year, we tend to focus on the item or object we are giving up. Instead I challenge you to think of what you can give yourself for the year 2015. Creating a positive mind set is seeing what you will gain and how you will transform into what you have always hoped to be.


How you view your New Year resolutions and how you view yourself is how you will predict the outcome. Part of making resolutions is reviewing the previous year and understanding the areas for improvement. Personally, 2014 was a year I learned how to forgive myself with my “overweight” bank account. Being involved with a very expensive sport sometimes I let my passion override reason and unfortunately I created a fat account. I felt stupid, embarrassed and unaccomplished.


It took me an entire year to realize how (even though hard) it created an opportunity for me to learn. I learned how I could be emotional spender. If I felt alone I would fill the void with shopping or eating out (yes, I even can be an emotional eater too). Instead of dealing with the emotion right then and there, I put the dollar bill band-aid over it not realizing it was not doing me any good.


As I was trying to get my bank account back to a healthy state, I focused on what I was giving up and the lack of the instance gratification. For 2015, I am going to have a positive mindset focusing on the long -term reward. To get a healthy bank account I know it will take time and many sacrifices. The “giving up” is the sacrifice. The sacrifice is letting go of old habits. The old habits are the things holding us back to be transformed into the best version!


We all have these “unhealthy” accounts in our life areas whether it is relationships, money, food, etc.


To move forward we must be able to learn from the past letting go of the mistakes but embracing the lessons. Life is full of lessons coming in different areas of our life. With this being the New Year let us look back on the year 2014 remembering the lessons and focusing on our goals with positivity as we move forward in 2015.

What will you give in 2015?



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