Core Strength

This format may not fit with everyone’s schedule, the goal of this template is simply to give you an idea of what type of off-season training should look like. As the water ski season come closer, decrease the strength days to 2x a week and increase the interval training to 2x week with one steady state cardio.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Strength:Lower Body Push


Upper Body Pull

Intervals:Rower Sprints 500 meters 3xBattle Ropes Strength:Lower Body Pull

Upper Body Push

Steady State Cardio:Bike RideRun


Full Body Strength:Kettlebell Swing


Leave Saturday or Sunday do to something active that you enjoy like yoga or long walks. Let these be your active recovery days, continue to move.



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For now enjoy these core exercises

Core is more than just our abs, it shoulders and hips as well. Here are two core exercises that target all aspects of our true core.

Plank Shoulder Taps

  • Elbows are stacked under the shoulders. Spine is a neutral position.
  • To make sure hips are in the correct position think if you had a tail you are the “shameful dog” hiding your tail. So you are tucking your hips under turning on your pelvic floor.
  • Once in the correct position, shifting all your weight to one arm as you lift the opposite arm tapping the shoulder.


Benefits: Shoulder stabilization, deep core activation, and hip stabilizers.


Pillar Crunch

  • Placing the Elastic Band around the middle of your feet extend one leg driving through the heel. With the opposite leg, pull your knee toward your shoulders.
  • As you lift the shoulders off the ground think of lifting your chest toward the sky.

Benefits: Turns on your glutes of the extended leg and works your hip flexor correctly in conjunction to your abs.

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