True Iron

Iron is what they named their first-born. It started out as cool name stemming from the husband completing two Ironman’s, but eventually came to embody things they wanted for their son, whether he will be an athlete or something entirely different: strength, endurance, well rounded, strategic, self-challenging. Their son can be anything he wants, but Iron definitely is his name.


Shannon Mayo is the mother to Baby Iron, through our time working together I have had the privilege to watch her demonstrate True Iron. At first Shannon came to me two years ago with an injury from running. We focused on improving her hips while at the same time we focused on strengthening the hips to keep her pain free for her runs. We were able to maintain her healthy running habits and she started seeing the benefits from strength training. She soon wanted to increase her program from once a week to twice a week.


As a trainer this was music to my ears! I was so excited to help Shannon, as she was striving continually to improve her health. We were able to really focusing on her strength training to improve her optimum health. She did everything from front squats, dead lifts, SL RDL, renegade rows and her favorite Bulgarian splits squats. As we progressed her strength training, she started feeling the benefits in her runs, in her toned body, and in her energy.


One day as we where discussing her new goals for her training program, she told me in confident how she is ready to be a momma and her and her husband were tying to get pregnant. It took all my strength to hold my excitement hidden so others would not suspect anything. I was behold thrilled for Shannon! It was not much longer Shannon confirmed she was pregnant!


Being her trainer, I knew I had to change some of her program as her body started to change. At first, we kept everything the photosame. Since her body was already accustomed to the program I knew it would be safe to continue with it until her baby started growing more. A lot of the changes where just the type of exercises. Instead of doing planks we did standing or kneeling core exercise. As the baby grew we shorted the range of motion with most of the exercises but where able to keep to a similar routine. The main thing we focused on was her lower body strength, squat particularly. I knew she would need her strength during childbirth. Squats are the perfect exercise during pregnancy opening up the hips, decreasing back tightness, and developing leg strength. This was Shannon’s response after giving birth to her son.

Lower body strength training kept me strong and ready to handle and recover from childbirth. Although not intuitive at first squats felt great and relieved pressure., the more pregnant I became squats helped me cope with contractions. It feels awesome to know I could train right up through my entire pregnancy and kept running through 6 ½ months.  I loved the words of encouragement from my trainer and other women at the gym that cheered me on. Body is already bouncing back faster than I expected.”



Shannon is a strong workingwoman demonstrating pure iron as she defined it: strength, endurance, well rounded, strategic, self-challenging. She is able to balance a demanding job with her strength training and her long runs (injury free). As her life has significantly changed with Baby Iron, she will be an amazing mom as she teaches her son how to live up to his name in every way even if he is an athlete or something completely different. This concept of True Iron is some thing we can all adapt to our lives. Strength. Endurance. Well rounded. Strategic. Self-challenging.


Thank you Shannon for your dedication to your health and your True Iron!

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