Same Path Traveled Different Journey: Part 1

I go back to my car and turn the key with the normal anticipation my car would start. Nothing happened! Nothing! My car was dead . . . . Again! Ugh Really!

The drill of me calling for road side assistance was unfortunate something I did on regular basis last summer. Knowing it would be about an hour for them to arrive, I walked to the nearest gas station. Starving at this point, I pick up a cup of coffee and a protein bar that was more like a candy bar with all the added sugar.  This killed about 15 minutes even at a very slow walking pace.

So I sat on the curb and waited and waited. I tried to find some type of comfort with my “protein bar” and coffee but at this point nothing would be able to comfort me. As the minutes went by, slowly my emotions started to go numb. I just had finished a Chiropractor appointment to fix my broken back (fish out of water post), I had a broken car and I was literally broke since I was only able to work part-time. As I sat there completely still, my thoughts were racing each other trying to find the future, a future.

I continued to wait. I had no words, no feelings, no emotions expect hopeless. I was lost for the right direction to get me out of this brokenness. The only thought on my mind was to get home to Spokane.

After exactly an hour, the mechanic got my car up and running! Without a second thought racing ahead of my decision, I was on the road to Spokane! Before getting on the 4-hour stretch I knew I needed some fuel. So I went to Starbucks. I usually park the car and walk in to order my drink. Fearing that my car would not start again, I chose the drive-thru. While I was waiting for my order, I sent a text to the family I was renting from.  I needed to let them know I would not be home that weekend. My text started “My Mother has a brain tumor.”  As I hit send, my hands started to shake uncontrollably. The reality hit me unexpectedly. Trying to control my nerves I reached for my coffee.  Spilling my coffee on my car, these words ringed over and over in my head!  This is really happening!  I already was preparing myself to have surgery at the end of October but now I needed to be there for my mother’s brain surgery in the beginning of October.

If I remember correctly, this was a Saturday and I was informed the Thursday or Friday night before. Of course I balled my eyes out with my parents on the other line. They where using their nursing and pharmacists terms (that make no sense to me) to comfort me everything will be OK. The trainer in me gave myself the pep talk that I will be OK and I will put my “happy face” on and get through this! Yeah You got this! You can be strong through this! I need to be strong for my mom!

It wasn’t till that moment I texted the words for the first time “My Mom has a brain tumor” is when reality slapped me across the face. The “happy face” was washed away with my tears as I made the trip across the state to be with my mother! I was so nervous driving my car, but at this point nothing was going to stop me from getting home to be with my mother.

It has been a full year from this announcement and almost a year since her surgery. I am happy to say the surgery went well and my mother is recovering. Through this year I have learned what it truly means to #enjoythejourney. I invite you all to come and be part of my journey, the up and the downs, the thrills and the lows. But most importantly I want to know about your journey as well. We learn from each other’s stories so lets travel this journey together!

eastern WA

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