Same Path Traveled Different Journey Part 7: Strength in Sisterhood

Ten years ago my family did a huge road trip from Spokane, WA to Denver, CO with two of my uncles (mom side of the family) and their families to visit our grandparents.  At this time, I was entering my senior year of high school and my sisters and cousin (who basically is like a sister) were still in junior high or just entering junior high.  One thing that we all remember about that trip was stating when we are all “grown up” we will take our own road trip just us sisters.

Mary WIllard
Mary Willard

Fast forward to last week, we did exactly that and road tripped it down to the Oregon Coast and the Redwoods! To be honest, we didn’t really remember us planning this type of trip until we were actually living it! What truly was our motivation was our mother.

During this time last year, my mother had a brain tumor removed and I went through my first surgery (minor little foot surgery to remove some bone spurs).  My two sisters work as nurses and their naturally instinct is to care for the sick. Without hesitation Mary (closest to me in age) took time off to care for my mother. Leah (the youngest of us three) postponed her search for a nursing job came to Seattle to take care of me pre and post surgery and returned back home to help with my mom.


We wanted this trip to start a new chapter of celebrating life!

Leah Willard
Leah Willard

All three of us, plus our cousin, wished our mother could have come with us on this trip. Since her health is still not 100% for a 10-hour trip, we instead took everything she has taught us about road trips:

  • She taught us the art of enjoying the journey through games, rocking out to music and simply enjoy each other’s company.
  • She taught us the beauty of nature and the awe of creation while appreciating all its wonders.
  • She taught us the importance of sisterhood and how it is one of the strongest relationships a woman can have.

As we started the trip we rocked out to some of our favorite songs, stopped along the side of the road for some epic pictures and create new memories to our sisterhood journey.

Now I have to explain that all three of us sister where not always this close. The fact we were able to spend an entire week together and still miss each other as we went our separate ways is a huge testimony of what our mother has taught us.

Many times our mother would find us in very ugly cat-fight during our younger ages (so bad I don’t even want to begin describing some of our fights). It took many years (mainly me), for us to realize how we each have very unique qualities and very special gifts to offer each other and to the world.

I love my sisters! Even though we now are what we like to call “adult-ing” and have grow away from our cat-fights, there are still sometimes were we may disagree, have a big miscommunication, or may not understand each other. This doesn’t mean that we shut each other out of our lives. It has taken practice after practice to keep to strength our sisterhood to be where it is today.

Similar to weight lifting what may seem HEAVY at the beginning turns into something easy later, but only through time and persistent practice. To strengthen any type of sisterhood, it takes time and persistent practice. At first it may seem SO Hard and Difficult, but over time and consistent practice you begin to see the wonderful gifts each woman have to offer to the world and you.

The beauty between my sisters and I is the fact there are three of us, and when there is three it is like “a cord of three strands, it is not quickly broken.” (Ephesians 4:12)


I invite women on this journey of strengthening our sisterhood to be like this three cord that is not easily broken.

Three Willard Women
Three Willard girls are now Willard Women


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