With a degree in Exercise Science and minor in Coaching from Eastern Washington University, I was eager to start my career as a trainer! I was blessed to work as a personal training at PRO Sport club after college in 2010.  During my four years there, my knowledge expanded as I continued my education with the several other certifications. Below are descriptions for each, explaining the importance of quality movement patterns.

I continue to seek knowledge and I am currently finishing my Precision Nutrition certification.

There are many other certifications I plan to obtain to increase my understanding of the human body.  Most importantly I seek new knowledge to serve you towards your powerful potential.

  • Strong First Level 1 & 2  – The Golden standard for Kettlebell Training
  • Strong First teaches men and women how to reach high levels of strength quickly, safely, and without interfering with their duty, job, or sport. This system has a proven record with professional athletes, elite military and law enforcement operators—as well as people from all walks of life who have decided to be weak no more.


  • FMS Leve 1 & 2 – Injury Prevention Screening
  • Movement quality is an essential component to reducing the risk of injury and reaching optimal levels of performance. It is a reliable approach to screen and evaluate movement is key to providing actionable and effective steps for performance and recovery.


  • Ground Force Method – Bodyweight exercises movements and games
  • The goal is to move better through the unique mixture of unloaded and loaded mobility exercises, strength and endurance practice, while aiming to better movement at all time.


  • Yoga Tune Up – Therapy ball to release tension throughout our body
  • This is the practice of yoga therapy balls. These therapy balls help create a non-threatening approach allowing your muscles to completely relax and let go of any unnecessary tension.  With the gentle touch of the therapy balls, your body will regain it’s proper alignment.


  • Clubbell Yoga – Vinyasa flow with a clubbell creating strength and mobility
  • Clubbell Yoga is highly effective because it utilizes multiple planes of movement simultaneously. Whereas most conventional fitness training teaches you to push, or pull or squat or lunge… Clubbell Yoga integrates rotation, lateral flexion and core stability into each and every exercise.