“Anna is a dedicated professional who lives what she teaches and shows by example. She crafts her coaching to fit her clients’ needs and desires, and she is fun to work with.” ~ Gina C.

“Anna Willard was a wonderful trainer for me! She brought a positive and encouraging attitude to our weekly sessions! Her expertise, patience & passion for kettlebells and overall health, gave me the confidence to try new things and work hard! I looked forward to our sessions and to strive for new goals due to her persistence and knowledge in the ever changing training community. She is always paying attention to you, the client, your goals and issues. Listening and developing ways to improve. I gained a lot of knowledge in ways to achieve my personal bests, from kettlebells to weight loss and muscle gain. Anna is inspiring, fun, and a great athlete!” ~ Chris Comstock Simons



“Anna was my trainer for the past few years. As a trainer, she did a great job in striking the right balance between accommodating injuries from the past as well as the present, and ensuring that each workout pushed me to the right level. The workouts never became routine and always were fun and energizing. Anna introduced me to the fun world of exercising kettlebells, ensuring that my form was dialed in to make for efficient and correct kinematics.” ~ Shai Guday


“Anna is awesome. She helped me through a tough time in my journey to get stronger and healthier. She understood my physical limitations but also recognized when I was limiting myself mentally/emotionally.” ~ Diane L.






Anna is warm and easy to talk to. She is an engaging but highly flexible trainer. She adjusted her training session to just the right amount of intensity after learning that I have a race coming up soon. After some basic warm ups, she quickly spotted my weakness, i.e. balance, and spent most of the training session on improving my balance. She seemed to have endless tricks up her sleeve and pulls out new workout ideas like a magician. The workouts were perfect, they did not tire me out, but improved my balance. ~ Dan Li


“I’ve been working with Anna for 4 months and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Anna is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She designs each workout to be challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She incorporates moves into each workout to improve my performance in my other sports.   She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. My energy, balance and flexibility have improved immensely. All of this has translated into faster running times and better performance in my favorite sports: water skiing, snow skiing and tennis.~ Sue Pickrell


“Anna is amazing to work with! She makes the workout enjoyable and caters it to what you need. She is also a lot of fun and extremely knowledgeable.” ~ Jill B.


“Anna helped bring me back to state of fitness I was proud of after a running injury left me really frustrated. She challenged me in a motivating way, and when I was pregnant, she guided me through to best stay fit while introducing key functional movements that helped me during labor. I am honestly so happy with how quickly my body came back post baby thanks to Anna!”  ~ Shannon M.




“Anna was a phenomenal coach while I was working with her. We worked on body weight movements, kettlebell abilities, and other strength focused activities. She also helped me work through injuries by finding modifications and adjustments that kept my rehab on track.”~ Paul G.

“Coach Willard is a positive force of motivation and expertise, and I have the most fun working with her. She is helping me get started with dead-lifts and kettlebell swings, and I am loving it. She also introduces progressively more challenging exercises, and inspires me to push myself. I have some physical limitations, and appreciate the care with which she plans each session to fit what my body can handle that week. She is attentive, watching closely for form, and is great at communicating how to do each exercise safely. I have made much progress in the few weeks I’ve worked with her, and am ready for more!” ~ Leah G.


“I started working with Anna several years back after I started going to the gym on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, I was overloaded on cardio which was great for weight loss perspective but not a particularly balanced approach. Together we worked on a plan to dial back the cardio and introduce strength training to assist my new-found interest in running.” ~ Eric Hanson




“Anna is awesome!! She is very motivating, keeps workouts fun and varied (no boredom here!) and challenges you to do more as she works with you to achieve the goals you define together. Anna keeps her clients accountable and on the right path. She helped me move from rehab after multiple knee surgeries to real strength and overall fitness (and got me hooked on kettlebells and strength). And it’s not just about the workouts — Anna coaches the whole person. She is encouraging, caring and can adjust on the fly for injuries, sore muscles, etc. I highly recommend Anna to anyone who wants to make real change in his/her life.” ~ Becky G.

“Anna was my personal trainer for four years. We met weekly and she was constantly teaching me new exercises that kept each session challenging and fun. Her pleasant personality and knowledge made it easy to trust and follow the exercises. She was also very good at tailoring the workouts to meet whatever temporary limitations I had. While recovering from a frozen shoulder she incorporated exercises that helped speed along my recovery, for which I am very grateful.” ~ Gary K.