December 14th  2018  ~ Fit & Fashionable  – Kettlebell Swing 101

Empower yourself with the kettlebell swing exercise!  

You always wanted to learn the Kettlebell swing but you have been afraid of hurting your back, or wondered if you have the strength to do this exercise.

You have seen the kettlebell swing exercise and may have thought I can do that but may feel intimidated by this athletic movement.

If you are finding you say yes, then this workshop is for you. I will artistically guide you through this movement without pain and most importantly how to do it effectively!  You will leave feeling confident knowing you have all the tools to do the Kettlebell exercise properly and powerfully.

You will Master:

  • Kettlebell Deadlift
  • naked swing (without the kettlebell)
  • hard style plank
  • 2-Hand Kettlebell Swing
  • the Float period of the kettlebell
  • confidently swing switch to 1-Hand

Fashionable Bonus 

Come early and do a little athletic clothing shopping for yourself and for the holiday gifting. It is a new online clothing company with the softest material. You will have time before and after to try on some clothes.

Start this new year with the right tools for exercising with the kettlebell and the right wardrobe.You will feel comfortable and confident both inside and out before!


Wonder Woman Workshop Date TBD  February 2019

You have this burning desire to live a life beyond your wildest dreams but feel stuck in a body that doesn’t feel like your own!

I experienced this during my first years as a trainer.  An injuring required me to take weeks off from work to rest and heal. But left me devastated, depressed, and lost of hope.  I began to self-sabotage and self-doubt my capability of returning to a profession I loved and to my athletics as a water skier.

This voice of self-doubt started to grow louder as the days continue to go by without work. I soon realized I needed a voice of hope and belief to be stronger.  As I started to believe in myself again, I started to change my story.

This is when I discovered the Kettlebells. The kettlebells rehabbed my injury and gave me the strength and power to become my dreams both in my profession and as an athlete.

Quiet the voice of second-guessing and self-doubt and Start believing in yourself by joining this full-day retreat and gain all the tools you need to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

During this retreat together we will uncover how your life’s journey is designed for the impossible. You will see how your life journey has given you everything you need to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.  You will leave feeling courageous, determined, and powerful beyond measure.

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