In Person Training

If you are ready to . . .

  • Be both the thriving athlete and business man and woman
  • Wear your kids out instead of them wearing you out
  • Move from injured to a unbelievable strength
  • Enjoy the outdoors with exercise
  • Never feel guilty for never going the the gym

Then we are meant to be together!  Kettlebell training give you the most bang for your buck!  All you need is a kettlebell, 45 min and minimal space and you on your way toward your powerful potential! 

I Love to teach you how you can do short sweat sessions during your travels, at your home or while enjoying the outdoors.

Is this YOU?    

If Yes, you are ready to start your journey. 

Apply to start your IronWillTrain Journey

This is the first step to discover your powerful self.

What to expect after applying:

I check applications every Thursday. Once I have reviewed your application I will reach out to you via email to set up a time to meet and discuss the possibilities of working together.

I train at Kettlebility (Greenlake area) – Seattle, WA 

Once I know we are good fit you will receive:

  • Your own journal to log you workouts
  • A detailed workout program to do on the days we do not meet
  • PDF exercise book with pictures and description of each exercise  (coming very soon!)
  • Your own personal copy of my first book  Spark Your Youth
  • You will be part of a private Facebook group where you can post any questions regarding your health and fitness.

Injured and hesitate to do training?

I currently train both women and men between 30-60 years young.  Their physical limitations consist of scoliosis, chronic knee pain and shoulder surgery recovery. With my knowledge and personal experience we are able maintain their strength training and reach their physical goals.

I have worked with clients who had the following:

  • scoliosis
  • post knee surgery
  • marfan syndrome
  • scleroderma
  • cancer
  • post hysterectomy surgery
  • chronic back pain
  • herniated disk
  • post shoulder surgery
  • sprain ankle

Email me directly if you have more questions at