Spark Your Youth Academy

Are you ready to change your health story, embrace your beauty and power through the artistic kettlebell exercises and live the vibrant life you’ve always dreamed of?

(Video why I love the Kettlebells here)


Take the fast track to upgrading your health your strength and your power! 

You have amazing body capable of amazing things! This body of your wants to express your beauty and power through its health!  Yet most of the time you feel lost with where to begin with a strength program.  You struggle with finding time between work, family, and friends  for yourself and your health.  You have tried and tried with results only lasting a couple of months.  You find yourself stuck frustrated and unmotivated.  

You desire to live a vibrant life and you know health is key for this style of life.

But… even this strong desire to progress your health, self-doubt, fear, and unbelief   are holding you back from an energetic life you deserve! 

It is my pure passion to invite you to Spark Your Youth Academy! 

This is an 8 or 12 – week introduction course to Strength Training with Kettlebells.

This course is not just about strength training it is about learning how to physically move past these false emotions of self-doubt, fear, and unbelief. 

By physically moving past these emotions with you will physically empower yourself and start believing in a life you are designed to live.

You long to improve your health so you can . . . .

  • hold your child without back pain
  • hike and enjoy nature’s beauty
  • return to the sports you loved playing
  • run and skip on the beach like you did as child
  • feel confident in our own skin
  • shine in the dress you always wanted to wear
  • have endless energy for you busy life

(And plus you would love to get rid of the flab behind the arms)

You’re ready to elevate your health with simple yet challenging workout routines that will give you the freedom live your life while getting the results you and your body deserve!

The time is now to change your change your health story to a healthy happiness and start living a life beyond your wildest dreams.

You will be surprised and amazed how quickly you will progress in strength once you master the Kettlebell Swing!

This program designed for Women who are . . . 

  • dedicated to learn new strength skill and embrace their inner power.
  • ready move past self-doubt, fear, and unbelief and change them to confident, courage, and commitment.
  • who are ready to explore infinite possible with their fitness goals and start chase their wildest dreams.
  • willing to put their best self first to bring their best to their family, friends and career.
  • ready to start their day feeling brave, bold and beautiful glowing throughout their bodies.
  • realizes true, lasting transformation must come from within and are ready to commit to the work necessary.
  • going to take 100% responsibility and ownership of their actions, attitude and results.

This program NOT designed  for Women who   . . .

  • want the easy route, the quick fix over night program.
  • current exercise program is serving them and their goals.
  • not wanting to invest in themselves with a coach.
  • rather keep the doing what they always have with the same old results.
  • for those who DO NOT want to master the kettlebell swing its power.

How the program is designed:

Each week you will receive a new video teaching the progressive skills of the kettlebell swing.  The first workout of the week will be focussing and dialing in the form.  These are called practice skill routines.  During the same week you will receive three different short and sweat workout sessions with movements you will already know.

The kettlebell swing is a progressive movement to learn with the dead-lift being the foundation movement of the swing.

With each new skilled learned, you will send in a video of you perform the new movement.  I will send a video back to you with some coaching ques and tips to improve your form.  You will be learning the correct movement of the exercise and learn how to self-correct the exercise!

(a video like this)


During the 8 weeks, you will learn how to do the Turkish Get Up with weight, do the 2-Hand, and single arm kettlelbell swing with full power!

Below are the following descriptions for each week and the progressions you will learn. 

Week one – Dead-lift and the Turkish Get Up (TGU)  to Elbow

Week two – Hike, Power Swing and the TGU to Tall sit

Week three – Continuous Swings, TGU Windmill position

Week four – Continuous Swings, TGU 1/2 kneeling position

Week five – Continuous Swings, TGU FULL THING!

Week six – Single Arm (SA) Hike,  Weighted TGU roll to press

Week seven – SA power swing, Weighted TGU to Tall Sit

Week eight – SA continuous swing, Weighted TGU FULL THING!

During the 8 weeks you will receive . . . .

Option one: Silver Package

  • Private portal (private website sign in) with a total of 32 exercise routines 
  • A printable form of the workout schedule and routines (2 PDF)
  • 15 instructional videos on how to preform the exercise
  • private Facebook group for community and supporting one another 

Worth $457 – You Get it for a life time at one price $197


Option two: Golden Package – everything in Silver Package Plus

8 videos reviews to help improve form and you confidence with the bell (worth $800)

4- 45 min zoom calls (face to face interaction over the inter-web) these calls to designed to help you through the exercise programs or any movement you feel you need a little more guidance (worth $400)

2 – 45 min phone calls to discuss mindset to keep your success moving forward (worth 200) 

Total Worth $1400 – You Get it for one price $997 or two payments of $500.

How does this compare to in- person training? 

In person clients work with me 1 -2x wk and receive a specific exercise program for their individual needs.  Cost range from $400-800.

With working together with this program and through the beauty of technology, you will be receiving more Kettlebell knowledge, accountability, and progress per dollar spent compared to in person training.