Power and Strength

While listening the Coach Glass’s Podcast (episode #43 Season Training Pt1) he posed a question “What are the power/strength requirements of your sport?” As he started to go into details of the importance of understanding this, I asked myself this question toward water skiing.  With water skiing being a very skilled sport I wondered, “Can I really answer this question to help develop the right off season training without getting out on the water?”  So I reached out to the water ski community to ask their thoughts with this question on Facebook.  Here are the main things people replied:


Leg strength


Mental Awareness

Tension and Relaxation



I have been told water skiing is similar to golf simply because it is such a mental sport.  With golf and water skiing being both more of a mental sports, I have found there are many other similarities. Even though I do not play golf as a movement coach I can see the similar movement patterns between both sports which are rotation and power.

Coach Jason Glass is one of the world’s top Golf Strength & Conditioning Specialist, and he uses the kettlebell swing for many of his golfer’s exercise programing.   Both golf and water ski are very skilled and technical sports demanding a lot of mental strength while at the same time can be very taxing physically (at least water skiing sorry golfers). Learning the kettlebell swing is a very technical skilled and strength exercise.  The basic movement of the kettlebell swing requires the same aspects of water skiing.

It is all about  improving your mental awareness, producing the right body position and finding the correct timing for tension and relaxation.

When I was first learning the proper way to swing a kettlebell, all three aspects I had to own.  The skill has to be learned in order to build strength from the swing. Training a skilled exercise like the Kettlebell swing can only produced a larger mental awareness to be able to own the skill of any sport. If we can’t learn how to develop mental awareness on land how are we suppose to develop this on water?

As I learned the (and still learn) the correct position to swing, I started to see and feel how position is key to produce the power from a swing.  Similar to water skiing, if not in the right position we will not be able to generate the power from the boat through our body to the ski (still learning the correct position for water skiing as well).  While at the same time the position of the swing requires different movement (bottom of the swing and top of the swing) and timing starts to take a major aspect to the skill.

Like April Coble has said water skiing is like a dance, it is rhythmic. Part the swing and water skiing is understanding the timing. When is the perfect time is to create the tension and relaxation?  How to manage both is key.  Whitney McClintock says “You don’t have to be the strongest person, you just need to have the right power at the right hand gate ball…” I enjoy the kettlebell swing simply because it forces me to create the right tension at the right time.  When you don’t the kettlebell is out of control doing it’s own dance.

From my experience when creating to much tension at the wrong time while water skiing, I have find myself in the water verses on top of the water.  I hope one day to be able to learn from Whitney how to create the right power at the right time.

For now I will continue to practice my swing this winter and listen to Coach Glass for more tips.  As Coach Glass would say Dream Big and Over Deliver and as I like to say live with passion!


Snatch test 16kg 100 in 5:22 http://www.coachseye.com/986J
Ist Snatch test 16kg 100 in 5:22 July 2013

There are many physical benefits from the Kettlebell Swing

Core Strength

Leg power and strength

Grip Strength and endurance

See my previous post Kettlebell Quickie for more benefits of the Kettlebell Swing!

Life Lessons: Women’s Week 2013

Live is an adventure and there are many lesson to learn along the journey. At Coble  ski school  this was the theme for the Women’s Week.  What brought this theme was one of the ladies everyday would had out Dove Chocolates and say “here is your life lesson for today.”  With this premise, I became more aware of the life lessons that  presented themselves everyday.

Most of the time I was in the boat coaching throughout the entire day.  Even though I was not being coached myself there were many things I was able to learn through this experience.

As a personal trainer and a coach, I am always looking for areas for improvement to progress the person to the next level, saying or cuing the right thing becomes an art.  There were many times I would catch myself saying something and think did that really come out of my mouth, (in a good way).  I felt like someone else was whispering into my ears this entire trip giving me the correct words to say to each women there.  This surprised me because as this would happen immediately I  was able relate it to my skiing, and my personal life .  I started to be aware of these life lesson through water skiing,and understanding the bigger picture of life and how these lessons related to me as a Christian.

Coaching Women’s Week 2013

The main lesson I was able to learn while coaching: Don’t pull the power away from the boat, instead let the power of the boat work through you.

Thank you again Ladies for an amazing Life Changing week.  You will always be remembered when I am out on the water.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might. – Ephesians 6:10

Dove Chocolates
Life Lessons


Coble Ski School

Many of you have ask me questions about what is like at Coble Ski School.  I was able to find this video made by one of the students from last summer.  It gives a great taste of ski school and a little insight of the facility and the family dynamic April and Chris are able to create.   Enjoy the video as I make my way across the country one more time this summer to go ski at Coble Ski School!!!

Women’s WEEK – Next week

At this time next week I will be on the plane for another ski adventure. This is the one trip out of them all I have been looking forward to the most.  I am heading back to Coble Ski School, for women’s week.  While I am there I will be coaching driving and instructing yoga to an amazing group of women.  It is a week full of inspiration on and off the water.  Here is a little preview of the week. Ladies countdown begins 1 week

Nationals 2013 – West Palm Beach


2013 has been an amazing summer  full of water skiing and traveling.  This past week I was able to compete at the USA Water Ski National competition in West Palm Beach, FL.  Unfortunately,  during the competition I did not ski as well as I hoped.  Yet I cannot complain, I have had a very successful season.   During this time last summer I was recovering from a condition called costochondritis.  This is a conditions which causes inflammation on the chest  and making it painful to take deep breaths at times.  So even though I did not place as I hoped to at nationals, I have been able to ski and travel to some of my favorite places without any signs or symptoms from this injury.

While  at Nationals , I was able to reunite with many friends  and meet new skiers as well. Nationals is like a BIG family reunion. So many people travel from all over the nation to come and compete.  It is an amazing atmosphere full of rivalry, team spirit and excitement.  Just being there is a thrill to experience.   When I was not watching friends ski, I was able to talk to some of the pros like Marcus Brown and April Coble.  However the one conversation that was most inspiring was with Krisiti Overton, an amazing skier and strong christian woman. To be able to share my passion for water skiing and for my Lord with a professional skier was the highlight of the trip.  I took away many lessons from the trip both spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Since the 2013 Nationals have been completed now the 2014 water ski season has  officially started!  There are still plenty of tournaments this fall and I am excited to see where this year will  take me.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Western Regionals

Water skiing has allowed me to travel to many different states meeting new people and creating life long friends. I have discovered through these relationships, each place I have traveled feels a part of home to me. I am always excited for the next adventure and discovering new places, but I look forward to return to the places I consider home.

Home is not a building; it is the love from people you surround your life with and the inspiration from each other. Colorado is one of my “homes” and I am excited to return again next summer for Western Regionals.  Thank you everyone for such amazing experience! Could not have done it with everyone’s love and support.  THANK YOU

Thank you PRO Club and Vitalire — live with passion –  www.vitalire.com

  • Excited to be part of the Vitalire Team – inspiring other to live with passion (northwest clothing company)
  • Encouragement from coworkers to apply and their help with the application
  • Clients encourage me, seeing them achieve their goals, challenges me to do the same

Thank you Seattle Water Sports (SWS)

  • Mark Lord for always making time for me and coaching me here in the Northwest
  • Hooking me up with the  best ski equipment and good advance during the season
  • Introducing me to Northwest Ski community and letting me drive his clinics

Thank you Water ski Community and Family and Friends – Tournaments: Sun Basin and Western Regionals

  • Love the support that comes from the ski family atmosphere at Sun Basin.
  • Many memories as a child in Colorado with my grandparent, always dreamed of skier there.  Blessed to have my first ski experience be western regionals.
  • Through my family and friends support it inspires me to do my best on the water.

Thank you Coble Ski School

  • Big Thank You for April taking a chance on me hiring me when I did not even know how to ski the course
  • Truly I could not accomplish anything in this sport without her support and the coaching from her amazing staff.
  • Excited to be part of her team and help others learn the course, just like I did three summers ago.

The Willard’s -Welcome to Water Skiing

Father's Day June 16th 2013
Father’s Day June 16th 2013

Water skiing is an adventurous sport and it has given me many thrills and excitements. This past month it has been crazy fun with traveling and lots of skiing. I had the opportunity to return to Coble Ski School in North Carolina and ski and coach for a week. This was my third time returning and it will always feel like I am returning home. Busy with skiing, coaching, driving, and catching up with old ski buddies, it was a difficult to leave (let alone to find time to blog about my week there). Once I returned, I didn’t lose the rhythm of the business of water skiing. First weekend back in Washington, I was on the road heading to Kories to help Micah Ping host a water ski clinic. Then I only had one week to prepare for my first competition. Focused on getting time on the water for practice, the excitement and nerves of the first tournament started to build.

Finding myself on the road again as I was getting closer to Baseline in George WA my nervous started to build,  but then the memories of this being my first tournament two summer ago came rushing to my head.  I remembered how welcoming the water ski community was to me and my nervous vanished. The water ski community is like another family to me and I was eager to reunite with my water ski family. One of the main reason why I love doing water ski competitions is the family support we  have for each other. We all want us to ski our best.

Not only was I excited for this tournament to be with my water ski family, but my entire family was able to come and watch me compete for the very first! Having my family there and being able to share my passion with them was the highlight of the weekend. With water skiing being such a family sport, I was so happy to finally be able to share it with mine. Through the support of the amazing water ski community and my loving family I was able ski a new tournament personal best.

Thank you Willard Family for all you have given me. I would not be the same without you so active in my life.


SUN BASIN June 16th 2013

Contribute to Mom – Coble’s Ski School

This past weekend I was able to make a trip across the state to visit my family in my home town, Spokane WA.  Family has always been an important part to my life.  I was thrilled to go home to spend mothers day with my mom Elizabeth Willard.  My mom has always been there for me cheering me on with the various sports I competed in.

During college I had an opportunity to travel to Maine to instruct water skiing, nervous to leave Washington, it was my mom who encourage me to pack my ski and make the trip across the country.  My last summer there (2009) my mom was able to come to visit me for a couple of  days.  We made tons of memories and had great adventures together.  My mom has always been and still is my number one supporter to achieving my dreams.  She encourages me through many “pep talks” (as a coach to an athlete) helping me follow my dreams.    Thank you Mom for all your support and love.  I would not be where I am today without you and how you have raised me.

Through my mother’s encouragement to travel to Maine seven years ago, it opened a door for me to attend April Coble Ski school for the summer of 2010. Words cannot describe the level of fun I had there.  I learned a tremendous about skiing and life.  Being able to work side by side with April Coble was inspirational.  She is a professional athlete, a business women, a wife, and a mother.  Seeing how she balances her different roles, made me realize the importance balancing things you value in life.  Since then I have been able to return for a week during the summers to help April’s facility. This weekend I will be leaving to make another trip across the country to North Carolina to work and learn more from April.  April Coble- Eller

Count down begins


17 days and counting till I will be in North Carolina working at the word’s largest water ski camp, Coble water ski and wakeboard school. I will working for April Coble during women’s spa week. While I am there I will coaching, driving leading yoga sessions and helping in the kitchen making healthy meals for everyone.

Summer 2010 I was able to spend the entire summer in NC. This is were I learned to ski the course and I am very excited to go back and learn more this summer.