Off Season Training Begins

This past weekend I was able to compete in my fist tactical strength competition.  It consisted of max dead lift, max pull ups and the 5 min snatch test.  Those who are not familiar with the snatch text, it is completing as many kettle snatches you can within the 5 mins.  I accomplished a 205 lb dead lift, 14 pull ups and 105 snatches.  However, I could not have completed any of this without the amazing encouragement that was surrounding me from all the other competitors.

The best part of the day was seeing how strength brought strangers to friends, friends to encourages and  encourages to competitors within minutes.  The atmosphere was filled with motivation and inspiration, like a forest set on fire the motivation and inspiration started burning inside each of us in hopes to do our best.  As a result, many people had personal record  PR (in water skiing we call this personal best PB).  It was amazing to see and be a part of the determination, the strength and the encouragement from everyone wanting to improve their physical abilities.

As any competitor, we want a t-shirt to wear for bragging rights.  This was the shirt rewarded to all the competitors.


I love the quote on the back of the shirt.  As a personal trainer, I believe strength does have a greater meaning.  For some, strength is losing weight, others may be a fight against cancer,  or it might be like my case a back injury and being able to walk pain free is strength. For me,  strength is a tool, a hope to use as inspiration for others.  Many of you know my story (and if you don’t you can read previous post about my back injury) and from this story of healing I hope I am able to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.  It is people and their stories that motivate me to continue to strive for my best, yet there is still a greater meaning to strength for me.

Snatch Test 105

As a competitor I am constantly reminded where my strength comes from:

  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go ~Joshua 1:9

He is my strength and power.

Strong First

God First

Valentine’s Day – Do what you love and LOVE what you DO

With this past week being Valentine’s Day, I made sure I did something that I love. Since I have decided to not water ski during the winter months, I did the next best thing exercised outdoors. I went into the city to run stairs.  Seattle has steep hills creating challenging stairs to run. I was blessed with a beautiful day in Seattle and as I finished running to the top there was an amazing view of the city.

Usually when I run stairs, I will repetitively do flights of stairs.  However, the view was so captivity, I had to stay and enjoy the city.  While being in awe of this amazing view, I realized how much I LOVE life, I love my job as a trainer, I love water skiing, I love Seattle and I Love my family and friends. Next Valentine’s Day instead of finding the perfect gift for your loved one, make sure you DO WHAT YOU LOVE and LOVE WHAT YOU DO.


Stairs are one of my favorite forms of exercising for many reasons:

1. It gets the Heart Rate up increasing Cardiovascular and respiratory functions, making a healthy lungs and heart.

2.  Stair repeats (6-10x) it s great form for anaerobic training. I love it because water skiing is all anaerobic.

3. It is a great lower body exercise especially for the thighs and gluteus. Strong legs are always a plus.

4. Climb a flight of stairs with an amazing view.  This will remind you the reward is always after the hard road traveled.

gotta love it
gotta love it

Second Splash


JUNE 15th-16th:

Couldn’t fall asleep the night before like a little girl the night before Christmas, I was so excited to wake up before the sun and drive to Othello/Moses Lake to SKI! Knowing that I could not do much since I have been resting for two months with no exercising, I decided to only shadow the buoys and only go 30 mph.  The video only gives a little task of the weekend.


At the beginning of May, I thought I would not be able to ski at all this summer due to my injuries, I was just happy that I was able to get out on the water and rip it up with ally my friends who I usually compete with.

The weekend was amazing Driving the boat and Coaching in Othello with Micha Ping (great coach) and then skiing felt like coming home.  Then driving to Moses Lake (Sun Basin) to help be a judge at the RADAR tournament was a warm welcome back to the sport. Thank you to all my ski buddies! Can’t wait till I can start competing again

“Fish out of Water”

With a full week of rest and surviving time off from work, exercising and  . . .  and  . . . .and well besides water skiing  (which I am already taking time off from) I really don’t do anything else. Even though this week was a good rest period, it does not mean this is the end of my recovery phase. NO it is just the beginning. . . . .

This is how my car usually looks like when I am heading to the lake or a tournament, yet I did not drive to either one today.  Knowing my body needs to more time to completely heal, I have decided to not ski at all this season.  At first I thought I could get away with just skiing and not competing, but as the symptoms in my back started to increase verses decrease, I knew this would not be the case.

To make sure I won’t water ski this summer, I  drove my ski with all my gear to the only one person I would trust to take good care of the my equipment , Margie Metzger, a great friend and an amazing Physical Therapist.

Now you have to understand I am that type of skier who does not like other people touching my ski!  I cringed of the thought of people even asking if they can look at it.  I will go out of my way to make sure when entering and exiting the boat that I am the one holding my ski, no one else, not even my coach.  So letting Margie keep my ski and all my gear for the entire summer is a big deal, and a big step of faith.

Never thinking that I would need time off from this sport to improve, I know with this time it will  allow my body to fully heal.  From this recovery phase I hope to be a stronger and smarter skier for the next session.  So Summer 2013 Look Out I am coming for yah.

ANNA Crash

Injured = PRICE

With the recent discovery of my injury or should I dare say injuries: Bulging disk at T11-T12, hyper-mobile rib T5, and T4-T7 vertebras are stuck in the flexion position, I am putting into practice the PRICE principle.

P = protection  –  limit movement or activity

Protection will help from causing any more damaged to the injured joint, or area.

What protection really is, is not participating in the sport that caused the injuring in the first place.  As hard as this is for me, I have not gone out for a swerve since Feb the 3rd.  That has been almost three months since I lasted skied and can’t believe that I still don’t know when I will be out on the water.  But if this is what it takes for me to get 100% better, I am willing.

This is not me but I won't doubt it if this is what I look like when I do crash

R = rest – allows time for the body to heal

Rest is very important to protect the injured muscle, tendon, ligament or other tissue from further injury. Resting the injured part is important to promote effective healing.

Since it is my entire back that is injured, rest for me has been complete rest from everything, skiing, and working-out and now work itself.  With having the whole day to myself, I almost don’t know what to do, because of my pain being so great I can barely move, my days have been spent in bed with a good book or a movie.  Don’t know how long the rest period is going to be for me, any recommendations on good books or movies?

This is were I wish I could be resting

I = ice – decreased the inflammation

Cold provides short-term pain relief and also limits swelling by reducing blood flow to the injured area. Avoid leaving ice on an injury for more than 20 minutes at a time. Longer exposure can damage your skin and even result in frostbite.

Ever since I started to have back pain I have been icing daily.  First I just needed to ice my back. With the pain traveling to my chest this past week I been an ice sandwich, one ice pack for my back and another one for my chest.   I would ice for15 min once to twice a day.  However, with the pain still increasing I have resorted to ice bath.  See my next post on my adventures with my ice bath.

Oh the joys of being injured

C = compress – limits and reduce swelling

Usually injuries would require this to help with the healing process.  However my case is a little different.

With having a hyper- mobile rib, I have rapped my entire chest, (that is comfortable) but it has not helped with the symptoms.  The one thing that has helped me with my pain is tapping up my back and my chest. There is an art to tapping one’s back and chest.  I had my Physical Therapist do the art on my back and chest (that was an experience ) Right now I have hot pink tap, and the good new little pain.

So next time you are injured for Skiing, that PRICE into practice right away and you will be out on the water sooner than later.  Ski you Later