Western Regionals

Water skiing has allowed me to travel to many different states meeting new people and creating life long friends. I have discovered through these relationships, each place I have traveled feels a part of home to me. I am always excited for the next adventure and discovering new places, but I look forward to return to the places I consider home.

Home is not a building; it is the love from people you surround your life with and the inspiration from each other. Colorado is one of my “homes” and I am excited to return again next summer for Western Regionals.  Thank you everyone for such amazing experience! Could not have done it with everyone’s love and support.  THANK YOU

Thank you PRO Club and Vitalire — live with passion –  www.vitalire.com

  • Excited to be part of the Vitalire Team – inspiring other to live with passion (northwest clothing company)
  • Encouragement from coworkers to apply and their help with the application
  • Clients encourage me, seeing them achieve their goals, challenges me to do the same

Thank you Seattle Water Sports (SWS)

  • Mark Lord for always making time for me and coaching me here in the Northwest
  • Hooking me up with the  best ski equipment and good advance during the season
  • Introducing me to Northwest Ski community and letting me drive his clinics

Thank you Water ski Community and Family and Friends – Tournaments: Sun Basin and Western Regionals

  • Love the support that comes from the ski family atmosphere at Sun Basin.
  • Many memories as a child in Colorado with my grandparent, always dreamed of skier there.  Blessed to have my first ski experience be western regionals.
  • Through my family and friends support it inspires me to do my best on the water.

Thank you Coble Ski School

  • Big Thank You for April taking a chance on me hiring me when I did not even know how to ski the course
  • Truly I could not accomplish anything in this sport without her support and the coaching from her amazing staff.
  • Excited to be part of her team and help others learn the course, just like I did three summers ago.

A Water Skier’s Life

Some of you may be thinking I am still in North Carolina water skiing, due to the fact the last post was when I was there.  As much as I love water skiing and coaching at Coble Ski School, I have been enjoying my time  back in the Northwest with other water ski clinics throughout Washington. Every other weekend I have been able to drive and help coach for different water ski clinics two of them with Micah Ping at Koreis and one with Mark Lord at Radar Lake.  Both of these coaches have helped me  with my water skiing and driving technique. At each of these clinics I have been able to meet new skiers, learn more about driving and skiing, but none of these compare to my time at Coble Ski School for women’s week. It was truly a blessing to able ski with other women from around the country, there are many stories to tell from this week.  For now enjoy the pictures from the water ski clinics in Washington.

Kirkland, WA Waterfront Sept 30
Koreis – Othello, WA Sept 21-23rd
RADAR- Redmond,WA Sept 29th
RADAR – Redmond, WA Sept 30
Koreis – Othello, WA Oct 14th-16th

It was fun being able to be part of  more water ski clinics this summer and to start and end my ski season at Koreis.

Lake Washington

With this season not being able to competing as much compared to last year due to healing and  Dr. Bills,  I have been able to free ski more with Mark Lord owner of Seattle Water Sports.  He has been giving water ski lessons for many years in the Northwest and he is creating a water ski school through his company.   With his busy schedule during the summers, he has been able to find time to coach me these last two seasons.  If it was not for this man I would not be skiing as much as I am.  Thank you Mark Lord for coaching me these two summers, can’t wait for what next summer has to bring.