Off Season Training Begins

This past weekend I was able to compete in my fist tactical strength competition.  It consisted of max dead lift, max pull ups and the 5 min snatch test.  Those who are not familiar with the snatch text, it is completing as many kettle snatches you can within the 5 mins.  I accomplished a 205 lb dead lift, 14 pull ups and 105 snatches.  However, I could not have completed any of this without the amazing encouragement that was surrounding me from all the other competitors.

The best part of the day was seeing how strength brought strangers to friends, friends to encourages and  encourages to competitors within minutes.  The atmosphere was filled with motivation and inspiration, like a forest set on fire the motivation and inspiration started burning inside each of us in hopes to do our best.  As a result, many people had personal record  PR (in water skiing we call this personal best PB).  It was amazing to see and be a part of the determination, the strength and the encouragement from everyone wanting to improve their physical abilities.

As any competitor, we want a t-shirt to wear for bragging rights.  This was the shirt rewarded to all the competitors.


I love the quote on the back of the shirt.  As a personal trainer, I believe strength does have a greater meaning.  For some, strength is losing weight, others may be a fight against cancer,  or it might be like my case a back injury and being able to walk pain free is strength. For me,  strength is a tool, a hope to use as inspiration for others.  Many of you know my story (and if you don’t you can read previous post about my back injury) and from this story of healing I hope I am able to inspire others to never give up on their dreams.  It is people and their stories that motivate me to continue to strive for my best, yet there is still a greater meaning to strength for me.

Snatch Test 105

As a competitor I am constantly reminded where my strength comes from:

  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid; do not discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go ~Joshua 1:9

He is my strength and power.

Strong First

God First

Learning from the Pros

This past week has been a week of learning new skills and putting them to use.  It first started with a weekend workshop for Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  With learning more about my past injuries and the reason behind them, it has made me as a profession understand the importance of movement patterns and if these movement patterns are not functioning correctly it could cause injuries.  The FMS is a serious of seven different movement patterns evaluating the quality of the movement. As a personal trainer, part of my job is to help people move efficiently and correctly. I have already started applied this to some of my clients and myself and already starting to see improvements. FMS is a great certification for those in the health profession and highly recommend it.

After the three day weekend of learning my brain was already on information overload. Yet I was stoked  to continue to learn for the following Monday Wade Cox was coming to our lake!!!  I was beyond thrilled to ski with Wade. There were many things I learned from Wade to take my skiing to the next level. The best part of skiing with him was he remembered me from two summers ago when I was able to ski with him right before Nationals. Knowing my areas of weakness, I know I will be able to master these weakness into my strengths through hard work and dedication. Part of learning is having a better understanding on where the areas that need improvements.

There is always areas to learn or improve in through my career and my sport.  Another certification I am training for is the Level 1 Strong First Kettlebell certification (SFG)  in November in Vancouver BC. Part of this certification is to be able to do 100 snatched with a 16kg in 5 min.  My co-worker CJ Erickson, who is training for his level 2 SFG and who has coached me through my kettlebell training, video me doing a mock snatch test on July 4th (crazy way to celebrate the 4th of July). If you click to enlarge the pictures you will find the URL of the video.  I completed the test in 5:22.  I was hoping for my first time to do it under 5 min.  However, I now know what to expect and how to train better for it.  I will be doing another mock test in September, but till then I will be either ripping it up on the water or hitting it hard in the gym.